Beach art

I have called this collection of images “Beach Art”. All of the photographs capture patterns and shapes as they have been found – created entirely naturally.

The first group of pictures shows the patterns of sand mounds created by crabs digging in the sands.

The next group of images captures the range of designs left in the sand by the waves as the tide retreats.

And the final group shows the doodles made in the sand by busy little sea slugs.

7 responses to “Beach art

  1. WOW…you artist you….i absolutely love these…!!!! what a special eye you have to catch these pieces of natural
    land art….x

    • Thank yo uso much H – I really appreciate and value your comments. I have a fantasy of having an exhibition of these one day…………

  2. Wonderful pictures from the beach! Is it Helen´s?
    I don´t understand how to work with this page..but it will dawn on me eventually. Gudrun

  3. feistybluegecko

    Thanks so much Gudrun – these are photos I took in Myanmar in December last year. I was fascinated by the natural art on the beach and took a heap of pics. This is a selection of them. I am also learning how to work this page!!


  4. Hello P! I would like to know how you make this small identifying picture and who you are? In fact it would be interesting to know more about the whole group of you English artists, at least your names and what you work with mainly. I only know Helen..
    I started to put in my pictures as posts, and made a new category “feet”, we probably could use “hands” too. 🙂

  5. Love those pictures, made similar pictures last time when I was on the beach. 😀

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