Nostalgia in Scottish wild flowers

I love the tropical vegetation in Asia, but visiting Scotland in July has plunged me into a nostalgia for something I did not realise I missed.

From the traditional emblem – the thistle, which is abundandant on Lismore

to all sorts of wild flowers and hedgerow plants and flowers.

Including the good old buttercup!

My childhood favourite – the primrose

And a pink clover flower.



8 responses to “Nostalgia in Scottish wild flowers

  1. Makes my Celtic heart sing!! Am a Cunningham on my mother’s side. 😉
    Love the motto: No one provokes me with impunity! Should be my blog motto.

  2. feistybluegecko

    Wow – I didn’t know that! Yes the motto – for some reason I know it in Latin (Nemo me impune lacessit) or something very close. It would definitely be good for your blog motto. Have more pics coming very soon, big hugs
    P x

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  6. Ah… wild flowers. Love it.

    • feistybluegecko

      I was thinking of you when taking these S – it is lovely to share the same appreciation of simple, wild beauty.

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