A glimpse of the west coast

The spectacular West Highland Railway Line.

And arrival on the island.

An outsider on the island is soon spotted!

7 responses to “A glimpse of the west coast

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  2. Fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing. A gorgeous glimpse into island life.

  3. Sometimes pictures are better than words. Thanks so much for sharing FBG!

    • feistybluegecko

      Very true N – thanks for your comment. That is also why I decided to set up a specific space for images. There are just SO many things to share!

  4. What a wonderful part of the world. I’ve never been there. Hope you’re feeling well. BTW, I’m adding my favorite blogs to my site and am adding yours. Would you add mine?

    • feistybluegecko

      Thanks so much B – it is indeed a beautiful place and I enjoyed being able to spend time with family in such a lovely spot.
      I have already added you on my blogroll on the sister blog ( I am not sure what I am doing with this one yet as it is more for images, whereas the other one is for words. I will add you for sure if one materialises 🙂 Warm wishes P

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