The Temples of Angkor – a sneak preview…..

The ubiquitous, enigmatic stone faces of Angkor, watching over the ancient kingdom.  And the zillions of 21st century visitors.

First glimpse of the legendary Angkor Wat, reputed to be the largest religious building in the world.

And the obligatory tour of the temple itself…….

And just in case there is any confusion about wheel invention!And then through the gates into the ancient city of Angkor Thom…..

…….and into what definitely feels like the lost kingdom…..

where jungle is taking over the ancient structures

The mystery and atmosphere of Angkor are unmistakeable – this is but a quick preview ……..

2 responses to “The Temples of Angkor – a sneak preview…..

  1. wow, p. just stunning. i can’t even imagine how grand and ancient these seem in real life! thanks for sharing. xo

  2. feistybluegecko

    Thanks so much – yes I can’t begin to do them justice in these pics, but hope to at least give a flavour of how stunning and spectacular Angkor is and what an amazing feat of engineering and design. Simply wonderful. Many more pics coming now that I have discovered a new trick with wordpress 🙂

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