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This gallery contains 75 photos.

Images from my recent visit to Norway, including Oslo city, the Oslofjord and Asker, near Oslo.  


Spring colour

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Spring in Yangon brings a complete riot of colour, and I never tire of taking in the glorious colours around me in the pre-monsoon season. The colour seems to start with the jacaranda, and a variety of purple blooms take … Continue reading


Life on the Waterways

This gallery contains 50 photos.

Images from a visit to the watery lands of the Delta


Remote villages and traditions

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I was rather hesitant about visiting the remote tribal Chin village in Rakhine state, but after careful background research and consideration, ultimately curiosity and the wish to find out for myself prevailed.  I had read about the traditional practice of … Continue reading


Ancient temples of mystical Mrauk U

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Mrauk U is recognised as an archeologically important ancient city in Rakhine State, Myanmar. I have had a dream to visit since arriving in Myanmar, and with the winter season and usually dry, clear days a plan developed to visit … Continue reading


Exploring Mrauk U

This gallery contains 59 photos.

I spent five days exploring Mrauk U on foot, by bicycle, by pony and cart and by boat………   Here are a selection of images – the story will be on the wordy blog


Cambodian scenes

This gallery contains 59 photos.

The Angkor region draws people from all corners of the world, particularly to explore the temples and ancient sites.  However, there is a great deal to see and experience in addition to the temples. Here is a taster.


The enigmatic faces of Bayon

This gallery contains 22 photos.

The Bayon temple with its enigmatic stone faces deserves a special space


And more temples…..

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And more of these amazing Temples.  I visited most of the main temples, and quite a few more, off the beaten track sites, over 4 days.


Angkor Temples 2

This gallery contains 26 photos.

The fascinating relationship between man-made temple and jungle……. And this is how I spent my birthday – very special.